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Definition of industrial endoscopes

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Although the industrial endoscope in the industrial field widely used, but many consumers do not understand its true meaning.Intelligent endoscopic manufacturers of workers to explain to it the definition of endoscopy can also be called endoscopy , It is a multi-disciplinary general tool that can detect the depth of the curved pipe to observe the naked eye can not look directly at the site, and can be observed in the sealed cavity of its internal space structure and state, to achieve long-range observation and Operation. Used in the field of industrial endoscopy is the industrial endoscope. Endoscopic detection is the use of industrial endoscopy Diou containers, pipes, equipment can not be disassembled inside, the narrow gap of the inner surface, the solution level below Human vision can not be directly observed in the special environment for quality control and visual inspection methods.As early as the last century in the seventies and eighties began to introduce industrial endoscopes from abroad, when the main use of aeronautical aerospace products within the more than Material control and quality inspection of some parts.Now the domestic industrial endoscope has entered into the practical stage, more and more good industrial endoscope is used early Production process.

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